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Business Health Check Report

Please find below a sample of a comprehensive report.

Overview Of our Comprehensive Business Report

This report is prepared by Shock Media for the intended company's information. This report is not intended to and should not be used or relied upon by anyone else and we accept no duty of care to any other person or entity.

The report will been prepared for the purpose of better understanding the impact of the internet and key competitors on your business online . You should not refer to or use our name or the advice for any other purpose.

Free Business Health Check Report

Social Media Presence - Importance

Social Media Marketing is spreading like wildfire across the World Wide Web. Everyday more and more businesses are recognizing social media as a vital platform for initiating and maintaining relationships with customers. In recent years, businesses are recognizing that simply being present on social media isn’t enough. If you want to increase awareness and increase impressions for your brand on social media, it’s absolutely critical that you plan out a comprehensive strategy in advance.

Free Business Health Check Report

Backlinks - Quality or Quantity

Backlinks are extremely important and many call them the building blocks of good Search Engine Optimization. Backlinks are links that revert back to your website. They are good indicators of the popularity and Google gives high regard to websites that have not just lots but quality backlinks. It’s Google’s way of presuming if a particular website is legitimate and relevant compared to others that appear in the search query. The reason backlinks are important is because Google and other search engines figure out the relevance of a keyword such as “Plumbing East Melbourne” to a site by looking at the quality backlinks they have. Though the quantity of backlinks to your site is important, it is nowhere as significant as the quality of the one that points back to your webpage. The key is relevance.

Free Business Health Check Report

Website Improvement Suggestions

Before deciding to get started on any form of online marketing for your website such as Search Engine Optimization or Pay-Per-Click, it is important to ensure your website is of a standard acceptable as a legit business by Google. Marketing your website online can be quite expensive and it could be pointless pointing traffic to a poorly designed website that gives users a lowly experience and drives potential customers away.

A website that is used for your business needs to be professional and truthfully represent the brand. If you’re not sure about a decision that you’ve made regarding website design or content we are experienced professionals who can look at your website and provide feedback and advice.

Ask for your free business report here to get recommendations specific to your business. Until then here are some general suggestions:
1) Make sure your website only includes what is necessary and related to your business.
2) Linking to external websites can be useful in certain cases but in most situations lead to you losing the visitor forever. Don’t risk it.
3) Don’t include too many ads. It can be a distraction and again could mean losing the potential customer to something more interesting you pointed them to.

Free Business Health Check Report

Why get this report for your business?

For small businesses with low digital engagement there is a significant potential such as creating a simple business card website for customers, which can increase business performance and visibility. While these businesses tend to prioritize survival over development – increasing their online engagement can increase the efficiency of business operation. This report reveals not only where a potential customer’s opportunities for improvement are but also gives an overview of their key customers and their digital engagement.

Free Business Health Check Report

Why is your website's load time important?

If you’re targeting traffic, especially mobile traffic, and income, your website load time becomes quite an essential part of your design strategy. Nobody wants to download a large sized website on a smartphone using 3G or 4G. Unfortunately, most web designer fashion their websites that way and unless you specifically ask, they won’t consider making your website Mobile friendly.

The most ideal websites load under 1 second but considering some businesses need a content loaded home page to explain their trade. In these cases, as long as it’s under the 10 second load time, you shouldn't be noticing a obvious revenue loss.

Free Business Health Check Report

Detailed Analysis of Your Website?

Google Page Rank is one of the most important indicators of the popularity of a webpage. A lot of other web ranking tools use page rank as one of its significant inputs to determine the ultimate winners. The report gives you a rough page rank for your website as well as an Alexa ranking which gives you an estimate of the quantity and quality of traffic your website gets.

The report analyzes the most important factors that are used by the major search engines and offers detailed diagnostics with all the errors and warnings that were found during the Analysis. The report examines several other crucial factors such as average load time, search engine indexed pages, your website’s backlinks summary and the company’s social media popularity.

Free Business Health Check Report

Business Health Report
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